Justice Rising

Catholic Climate Advocacy with Anna Robertson, Anna Johnson, Emily Burke & Teresa Tsosie (Season 2 with Samantha Yanity)

May 4, 2022

How can the Catholic Church fight for climate justice and embrace the voice of young people in this work? On this week’s episode, host Samantha Yanity sits down with four young women working for environmental justice. Samantha, Anna R., Emily, Teresa and Anna J.* discuss the impacts of environmental degradation, the ways that each of their communities are impacted, especially young people and indigenous communities, and how, grounded in their faith, they feel called to respond to this crisis. Over the last year, the four of them, along with over 30 young adults have been developing a forthcoming curriculum oriented towards young Catholic climate advocates. This work seeks to provide training, tools, and formation for youth and young adults to ground themselves in spirituality rooted in creation, personal transformation and education, and social action and structural advocacy to take action to create a more sustainable and healthier climate. *Episode Note - Speakers enter the conversation in the following order: Anna Robertson, Emily Burke, Teresa Tsosie, Anna Johnson. 

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